7 Deadly Email Phrases

By Nancy Friedman, Customer Service, Communication Expert, President Telephone Doctor, Customer Service Training  We did a survey a while back at one of my speaking engagements. I wanted to know what really bugged folks about emails they receive. We got a lot of good frustrations, but the top 3 were:  * Poor spelling and grammar (Your, you’re; there, their; here, hear; to, too, two; and many more) * Emails that ramble and are too long * Wrong subject lines  Let’s take them one by one Poor spelling & grammar – Use the old saying “when in doubt, leave it out.” If you’re not sure it’s right – don’t use it. Simple. There are always alternatives. Use those. Emails that are too long – Two to three short paragraphs are perfect. Or if you have a lot of info, use an attachment. Remember, people are getting emails on iPad, iPhone, and even their iWatch. Long rambling emails are deleted or left for later a lot. Wrong subject lines – Yes, not changing the subject line when the information in the email changed from one topic to another was a large irritant. There were many more, but these 3 rose to the

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