Here are 7 traits that exemplify the Service Mentality

By Nancy Friedman, Customer Service Expert, Speaker, President Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training Pick up any ad and there’s probably a line of type or two of how well you’ll be treated when you shop or call there. Usually the advertisement reads, “We’re the best” … or “Service is our middle name” – something like that. TV, radio, newspapers and the internet are loaded with commercials with companies saying they are very customer service minded. Why then, do we hear so many horror stories about how people are treated? Clearly, not everyone has the Service Mentality.  The good news is you can learn the skills of the ‘best’ No one has a monopoly on a great service mentality. Here are 7 traits that exemplify the Service Mentality #1 Sympathy This trait won hands down as one of the most important characteristics when serving customers. In so many cases you get APATHY, the exact opposite of SYMPATHY. True Story – On a recent trip, my wallet was stolen. Credit cards, driver’s license and, a few dollars… all gone. I got ready to make the appropriate phone calls to each credit card company – 4 in all. “Hi”, I said, “my name is Nancy Friedman. And I

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