Five Ways to GET Good Customer Service This Holiday Season

Five Ways to GET Good Customer Service This Holiday Season   By Nancy Friedman, Founder, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training Customer Service Keynote speaker.   Let’s turn the tables on Customer Service.  Let’s face it – sometimes, It IS the customer’s attitude, delivery and comments that’s wrong.  And yes, it is the job of those servicing the public to handle these situations.  But when it fails, and it can, there are definite ways to get better Customer Service   5 Easy ways:   Don’t be shocked or get angry at less than great service. You’ll make it worse. Be realistic. Expect somewhat lower standards of customer service. You may be dealing with a new hire that probably has had very little training and perhaps no experience. But there’s hope. If you really try.   You can influence the type of customer service you get. Just as an angry customer often has negative emotions mirrored by the salesperson, so will a good greeting from you get results. We were in Las Vegas and walked up to a rushed, harassed, upset, mean looking hostess. Instead of being insulted, demanding, or giving her back cold treatment, we said out loud: “Good. We’re getting

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