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August 23, 2019
"Five Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases (Page 27)"
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August 15, 2019
"Are you phoning it in?"
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July 27, 2019
"Service with a Smile"
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July 2, 2019
"How Kindness Changes Lives and Builds Business"
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June 19, 2019
"Let Me Double-Check That for You"
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June 18, 2019
"Top 6 Phone Etiquette Mistakes"
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June 2019
"Franchise Dictionary Magazine"
Tips for Selling to Women
Apr 25th 2019
"Ratchet & Wrench - How I Did It Mastering the Call"
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Apr 5th 2019
"KMOX Radio Interview - Nancy Friedman, Digital Tickets, and Music News"
Listen to this fun KMOX interview with Nancy
Apr 2019
"Don’t be Too Busy To Be Nice."
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Mar 14th 2019
"When a Leader’s Apology Falls Flat"
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Mar 2019
"311 conference, Phoenix Az."
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Feb 2019
"Pillars of Franchising"
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March 2019
"Working with your Spouse?"
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Feb, 5 2019
"5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Telephone Customer Service"
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Jan, 2019
"Franchise Dictionary Magazine"
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Jan 19, 2019
"Speaking at ASTSIGNS® International Convention"
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Dec 2018
"Office Management Tips for a GROWTH Mindset"
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Dec 14 2018 ~ Travel Institute
"Time Management tips from an A.D.D"
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Dec 2018 ~ Podcast
"A Nancy Podcast worth hearing"
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Nov/Dec 2018 ~ Orange County Realtor
"Five Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases"
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November 16 2018 ~ Rural Lifestyle Dealer
"Own Up to Your Mistakes"
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October 30 2018 ~ Lending Tree
"12 Ways to Tell Your Customers “Thank You for Your Business"
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October 10 2018 ~ American Express
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October 8 2018 ~ JKC Magazine
"Turn Year-End Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers"
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October 9 2018 ~
"Negative Customer Reviews? 10 Experts Share Tips on How to Respond"
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September 28 2018 ~ Glass
"Nancy Friedman: Morning Coffee with a Side of Advice"
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September 18 2018 ~ Window Film
"Nancy Friedman: Morning Coffee with a Side of Advice"
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September 27 2018 ~ Reader's Digest
"20 Companies with the Nicest Customer Service"
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September 18 2018 ~ Fit Small Business
"26 Restaurant Management Tips, Trends & Advice"
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September 8 2018 ~ On
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September 4 2018 ~ Selling
"Nancy Friedman – Customer Service (Finally) Defined"
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August 29 2018 ~ Franchise Business Review
"Is Your Brand Being Sabotaged?"
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August 26 2018 ~ Chris Elliot
"These ridiculous lies kill customer loyalty"
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August 18 2018 ~ Cleaning Business Today
"5 interview questions and tips you probably aren’t using and should"
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August 14 2018 ~ Kivo Daily
"At your (customer) service"
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August 11 2018 ~ Forbes
"These Ridiculous Lies Kill Customer Loyalty"
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August 3 2018 ~ The Toronto Financial Post
"Mea culpa: Own up to a customer-service flub or pay the piper"
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August 2 2018 ~ Modern Restaurant Management
"Responding When Your Restaurant Suffers a Customer Service Blunder"
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July 26 2018 ~
"How to turn customer missteps into positive interactions"
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July 25 2018 ~ UK Daily Mail
"Angry customer? Tips to cement, not hurt, a relationship"
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July 25 2018 ~ New York Times
"Angry customer? Tips to cement, not hurt, a relationship"
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July 25 2018 ~ AP News
"Angry customer? Tips to cement, not hurt, a relationship"
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July 25 2018 ~ Washington Post
"Mea culpa: A business should own up to customer service flub"
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July 24 2018 ~ Business News Daily
"What Does It Mean to Be a Customer?"
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July 9 2018 ~ DEB EVANS Consulting
"3 SECRET RETAIL TIPS Nancy’s RETAIL Customer Service tips."
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July 4 2018 ~ St. Louis Business Journal
"5 Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases"
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July 2 2018 ~ Omaha World Herald
"5 Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases"
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July 2 2018 ~ Expert Click
"Communications SEE #7"
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June 29 2018 ~ Speaking on Leadership blog
"Voicemail Mayhem"
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June 28 2018 ~ American Bank Marketing
"High Tech needs High end Customer Service"
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June 25 2018 ~ PBA Health
"How to Turn a Good Employee Into a Great Pharmacy Manager"
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June 20 2018 ~ Womens Wear Daily
"Commander BUSINESS MARKETING AND PROMOTION Experts Agree: Customer Engagement Key to Retail Success"
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June 6 2018 ~ American Express
"The Art of the Apology"
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June 1 2018 ~ Insurance & Financial Meetings Magazine
"Motivation Matters Personalized Sales Training That ‘Lights the Internal Fire’ "
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May 30 2018 ~ CEO Blog Nation
"12 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their #1 Business Frustration"
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May 25 2018 ~ Social Geek Radio
"New Phone Tips from the Telephone Doctor"
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May 20 2018 ~ CEO Blog Nation
"Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use The Book They Wrote For Business"
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May 18 2018 ~ The Travel Institute
"Five Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases That are on Your Cell Phone"
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May 9 2018 ~ Running Restaurants
"Excellent Restaurant Customer Service Drives Customer Loyalty"
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May 7 2018 ~ Travel Daily News
"Does your customer service pass or fail? How the travel industry can up its game"
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May 2 2018 ~ Interview with Nancy Friedman, Idea Mensch
"Excellent Restaurant Customer Service Drives Customer Loyalty"
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May 1 2018 ~ Modern Restaurant Management
"Excellent Restaurant Customer Service Drives Customer Loyalty"
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April 23 2018 Bustle 7 Old-Fashioned Tips For How To Stay Connected To Friends
April 18 2018 Four female entrepreneurs who took a unique approach to succeed
April 17 2018 Fit Small Business 25 Customer Engagement Strategies & Tips from the Pros SEE #4
April 8 2018 The Vend blog 17 Proven Ways to Drive Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store SEE #4
April 6 2018 McKnight's Long Term Care Does your facility's customer service pass or fail? 5 ways to enhance your brand and reputation
March 20 2018 Shopify Unique Customer Experiences: Six Strategies to Lure (and Keep) Shoppers In-Store
March 16 2018 1-to-1 At Your Service
March 3 2018 Miller Heiman Group The Top 16 Customer Service Movers and Shakers you should follow SEE #10
February 26 2018 How to say “no” to a sales pitch — and mean it
February 23 2018 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Saying 'Thank You,' 'I’m Sorry' Is Simple but Meaningful
February 16 2018 Progressive Grocer Customer Service Can Counter Online Threat
February 16 2018 Sound Cloud The Small Business Report with Gordon Deal
February 9 2018 American Bankers Association Newsletter Work Here, Bank Here
February 5 2018 PODCAST Smart Phone Management PODCAST-Smarter Phone Management in Restaurants and Bars / Profitable Hospitality
February 2 2018 Retail Merchandiser How Retailers Can Counter Online Shopping
January 24 2018 Selling Power The Most Frustrating Phrases Used on Voicemail Greetings
January 2018 TTEC Customer Strategist A growing number of companies are taking customer service to the next level with concierge services.
January 8 2018 San Fernando Valley Business Journal Service At A Premium - PDF
January 5 2018 Smart Business Hacks 20 Tips to Turn Negative Online Reviews into a Positive Customer Experience
January 2 2018 Business Unplugged blog New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2018 SEE #2
December 29 2017 CEO Blog Nation 29 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name SEE # 6
December 27 2017 ie3 A Simple Script to Handle Customer Complaints
December 10 2017 Ceo Blog Nation 28 Entrepreneurs Share What They’re Thankful For (see number 28)
December 6 2017 Restaurant Insider The Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Boost Your Restaurant. If Your Staff Is Up To The Challenge.
December 2 2017 Retail Merchandiser Five Tips to Boost Customer Service
November 27 2017 Cleaning Business Today 8 tips to help you negotiate better
November 25 2017 WBNW Boston WBNW, Boston Intv. with Nancy Friedman
November 22 2017 Independent Retailer The Holidays are Almost Here: Will Your Store’s Customer Service Pass the Test?
November 22 2017 My Corporation Experts Weigh In: 101 Things Entrepreneurs Are Thankful For (see number 36)
November 20 2017 Forbes Going Dark, Or How To Disconnect And Enjoy Vacation
November 20 2017 Progressive Grocer 7 Ways to Boost Customer Service During the Holidays
November 19 2017 Forbes / Five Ways to Get (And Give) Good Customer Service This Holiday Season
November 15 2017 Retail Minded Holiday Customer Service: 7 Tips Retailers Should Not Ignore
November 14 2017 Kabbage Be sure to provide excellent customer service. - One main reason for poor customer service is almost always lack of proper training. Smart businesses that truly care about dealing with the public and providing quality customer service invest in training programs.
November 2017 Small Operator Uncovering "Small" Secrets of Customer Service
November 2017 FSR Magazine 6 Ways to Boost Customer Service for the Holidays
November 2017 The Entrepreneur Way Entrepreneur Way podcast Interview with Nancy Friedman, by Neil Ball
November 2, 2017 Money Five Ways to Get Good Customer Service This Holiday Season
November 1, 2017 Dawn Foods 4 Customer Service Tips for In-Store Bakeries
October 25, 2017 Travel Pulse How Travel Agents Help When Travel Plans Go Wrong
October 24, 2017 Biggest Business Lessons LearnedSEE #41
October 23, 2017 Insureon Bad Customer Service Stories (And How to Handle These Scary Mistakes)
October 9, 2017 Trainer Hangout Most Sales Are Lost Due To Poor Service Than A Poor Product. Nancy Friedman Interview
October 5, 2017 Window Film Mag The Telephone Doctor Provides a Customer Service Cure
September 29, 2017 CEO Blog Nation 24 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An EntrepreneurSEE #24
September 28, 2017 Business 2 Community What’s Next For Customer Service in 2018, According To The Experts SEE #3
September 20, 2017 Glass Bytes Auto Glass Week™ to Feature Techniques to Improve CSR Skills
September 19, 2017 WCBS Radio NYC
September 7, 2017 Call Centre Helper 20 Contact Centre Leaders Reveal Their Most Significant Quality Problem SEE #15
September 5, 2017 Call Miner 20 Call Center Leaders and QA Pros Reveal the #1 Problem Keeping Call Center QA & Monitoring Teams Up at Night (and How to Solve It)
August 31, 2017 Business News Daily The Telephone Doctor: How I Became a Customer Service Guru
August 28, 2017 Cleaning Business Today 5 words that drive customers away
August 10, 2017 Managermint Media Lose These Top 12 Cell Phone Habits That are Destroying Your Business Today
July 26, 2017 SIClytics Customer Service Over The Phone Is A Whole Other Animal
July 23, 2017 NBC News What the Heck? Why Are We Cursing at Customer Service Agents?
July 23, 2017 Pizona News What the Heck? Why Are We Cursing at Customer Service Agents?
July 7, 2017 Chicago Tribune Avoid these cellphone deadly sins
July 4, 2017 Inc. Lose These Top 12 Cell Phone Habits That are Destroying Your Business Today
April 26, 2017 Fits Small Business Top 25 Customer Service Skills To Look For in Your Next Hire SEE #16
December 12, 2016 Inc. These 5 Common Voicemail Mistakes Are Costing You Business
November 19, 2016 Forbes 10 New LinkedIn Tips To Propel Your PR
July 30, 2016 Forbes Flipping A PR Flop: These 4 Founders Show How It’s Done
May 29, 2016 Forbes What I Learned From My Appearances On Regis And Oprah
May 23, 2016 Travel Institute Five Skills You Have But May Not Be Using
February 2016 KMOX Radio
February 7, 2016 Travel Weekly Put down that sandwich, and other good customer service advice
September, 2000 CBS Early Show CBS Early Show with Bryant Gumbel
June 30, 1995 Wall Street Journal Don’t Strike Out With Customers
June 9, 1994 Wall Street Journal Oh It’s You, We Were Hoping You’d Call, Please Hold.