Testimonials – No! My mom didn’t write them.

  • “Nancy had the attention of the employees right away, AND kept it the entire time of the program. Employees were buzzing about Nancy and her customer service seminar for days! She delivers information that applies to everyone at some point in their career or personal life. EVERYONE can benefit from Nancy and the information she shares. She left QSI wanting more! ”
  • “Thank you so much for speaking with us. I really enjoyed your presentation. Loved your audience interaction. Also, great advice and tips! Hope to see you again!”
  • –E.N Project Mgr. QSI Facilities


  • “Nancy, thank you – Your ATRA presentation was entertaining and insightful. I didn’t even mind when you picked on me”
  • –Tony K, President, Mister Transmission, Canada.
  • “It’s great when you can learn something and be entertained at the same time. Nancy was a hit at our event!”
  • –Dennis Madden, ATRA, CEO

  • “Nancy, Your session was one we all agreed moved us the most. One would think it was just for the people who answer the phone but my technician sat in and it was so impressed with you and what he got out of listening to you. I find what you have to offer is priceless and probably one of the best investments one could make for their company.”
  • –Lisa Gabrielle, President Mel's Auto Glass
  • “Hello Telephone Doctor: Thank you for being the best most relevant speaker at the convention thus far. We really enjoyed your presentation Thank You for the hand out No one else has given one besides you Take care. ”
  • –Jason and Pam L. (Auto Glass Show 2017)

  • “I’ve been in sales for thirty years; you sure opened my eyes on several topics. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us. ”
  • –Dave; Team PRP (Premium Recycling Parts)

  • “On her game like usual. Funny, engaging and spot on with her message! Thank you Nancy! ”
  • –Amber Baker, SITE ONE, Regional Marketing Coordinator
  • “Nancy, Your talks are motivating, informational, entertaining and energizing. I hope I get to see you again in a future WIGI conference.”
  • –Sally Mark, Sansei Gardens, Inc
  • “You are amazing thank you so much for your words and funniness at SITE ONE, Loved it!!”
  • –Lori Ledesma Inland Empire Andre Landscape Service Inc
  • “I took a great deal from it as Leadership is my passion! Thank you so much for your presentation at our Women in the Green – SITE ONE weekend. I have subscribed and linked to you everywhere I could and look forward to learning more.”
  • -Brenda L. Ward Director of Business Operations Beary Landscape Management, Inc.
  • “You are one awesome speaker! Charismatic, funny and obviously very smart. I enjoyed the session and hope I get a chance to hear you again.”
  • -Silvia Barnard, Febco Customer Service Mgr.

  • “Nancy was a gem. She kept our audience engaged and shared useful information. She received overwhelmingly satisfied rankings. We appreciate how easy it was to work with Nancy.”
  • –Lisette Mariner, CAE Executive Director - Fl. Ind. Auto Dealers Assn.
  • “We recently had the pleasure of Nancy as a keynote speaker for our annual association meeting. She was engaging, funny, and insightful. Her "Golden Nuggets of Customer Service" were helpful and a reminder of the importance of manners, transparency, and follow up. I highly recommend Nancy for your next meeting as a speaker.”
  • –Lisa Compagno, Palm Tree Cars, and President FL Ind. Auto Dealers Assn. FIADA.
  • “Nancy is an absolute dynamo when it comes to capturing an audience and giving them true nuggets of customer service wisdom. I was lucky enough to attend her FIADA program in Orlando earlier this month. I would highly recommend her for your group if you are looking to have fun and need a seriously qualified speaker.”
  • –Will F, Exec Director TradeREV USA

  • Check out Theresa Thiery Thompson, Marketing, RE Whittiker’s comments on Nancy’s program at ISSA

  • “I’ve been coming to ISSA for 3 years and have been to many programs, Nancy’s was the best I’ve ever seen”
  • –Todd Clark. COO, Corporate Building Services
  • “Nancy, I loved your seminar, perfect- refreshing, common sense.”
  • –Kathryn Groening Winc /Australia and New Zealand
  • “Great time hearing you speak at both sessions last week; ACRSI and ISSA event. You're very talented and shared some wonderful information. Thank you! ”
  • -Bryan Lazorik, President, Bryco Services, Inc.
  • “Hands down, Nancy Friedman was the right speaker to open our 2017 event! Her energy and enthusiasm are unmatched. Our evaluations, 99% of our attendees gave Nancy the highest ratings a speaker can receive for their session. The overwhelming consensus is that Nancy Friedman is 'GREAT!'”
  • -Erin L. Lasch, CAE Director of ARCSI Communications
  • “Nancy did a great job at our ISSA/INTERCLEAN conference this year. She was very engaging with the attendees and really knows how to control a room.”
  • -Lucas Wendt, ISSA CMI Training Development Specialist at ISSA

  • “I had high expectations for Nancy’s program, and after the 90 minutes my expectations were not only ‘met’ but ‘SURPASSED”. I came away with priceless Golden Nuggets of wisdom that not only changed my work habits but changed my life. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone!.”
  • – Ed Prime DeKalb County Board of Health, Decatur, Ga. WIC
  • “The WIC Division of DeKalb County Board of Health thanks you for your most practical and useful tips for the needs of our WIC program. All enjoyed and found your ideas fun and best of all, easy to implement. Well Done.”
  • – Courtney Underwood, DeKalb County Board of Health, WIC Program Coordinator.


  • “You certainly know how to command a room and keep the audience engaged. Very refreshing!!!”
  • – Warren Nadeau Vice President, Global Business Solutions at BCD Travel
  • “Really connected with your presentation at SABRE ! It brought to mind that simple things can be game changers in developing positive relationships. ”
  • – Marilyn Townsend, Director, Global Travel at Sabre- Sabre Conference.
  • “Nancy is an amazing lesson in customer service. A 3 year in a row speaker, our attendees love her so much, we had to close registration for her sessions to not overbook the seating capacity. Nancy delivers an untapped wealth of customer service knowledge with a keen personality that will translate in any industry. A must-have and her program will leave you wanting more every time. ”
  • – Everett Scisney, SABRE Corp.

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "We were all enlightened by your strategies, tips & humor on best practices of Customer Service. Your outstanding, relevant and enthusiastic advice as well as your extra efforts to customize the program were well recognized by the association and the participants. Thank You for sharing your valuable and important message. ”
  • - Laurie Oken, Manager, Leadership Dev. Nat’l Assn. of Realtors
  • "When I walked in the room and saw it was you, I was excited because we had just watched one of your videos for our staff training on customer service. Your session was even better in person!”
  • - Cathy Faulkner, RCE MetroTex Asson/of REALTORS
  • "Nancy, your presentation was spot-on and so much fun! It was a joy to meet your enchanting husband, Dick, and see you include him in your presentation. So many attendees were raving about your style, flair and directness on communicating effectively and particularly like the GUM message! Thank you for a great program and fun presentation!"
  • - Candy Joyce – Mid TN Assn. of Realtors
  • "I could have listened to Nancy all day! Fun, relevant & fantastic program"
  • - Phyllis Adam, ABR, GRI, CDPE RE/MAX Advantage Realty

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "I have never seen anyone deliver so much valuable information in such a short period of time and present it with infectious enthusiasm, simple ideas superbly delivered.”
  • - Thom Gilday, President & COO BrightStar Care
  • "Nancy brought an alluring mixture of common sense, sharp wit, good humor and -- of course -- impeccable listening and communication skills to two of our system wide conferences (so far). So powerful were her presentations that the advice given is taking hold and taking effect at each one of our 300+ home health care agencies across the U.S. and Canada. Looking forward to continuing her role in shaping our Customer Experience."
  • - Steve Schildwachter Chief Marketing Officer. Brightstar Care
  • "Thank you so much for an amazing presentation this past weekend. We look forward to utilizing your online training for our office staff & make more meaningful connections with our clients. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to have met you. Your message was inspirational. Best wishes."
  • - Meghan Pieniazek Brightstar Franchisee
  • "Nancy was an outrageously entertaining, very funny firecracker of a presenter. That alone, made the session worthwhile. It didn't end there, though. Nancy's session was packed with useful "nuggets" that I plan on taking back to my staff."
  • -Alison Lee, Hawaii; Brightstar Franchisee
  • "Loved the program and you were fantastic!!"
  • -Tina Cason, Brightstar Attendee
  • "The Conference was fantastic. Telephone Doctor was phenomenal. Thank you so much!"
  • - Roxanne T, Brightstar Attendee
  • "Loved the program and you were fantastic!!"
  • - Tina Cason, Brightstar Attendee

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Your succinct presentation style, heartfelt genuineness, and endearing wit is so refreshing. It’s refreshing to encounter authentic people like yourself who have mastered an unabashed delivery of these elements, replete with your total immersion in our midst. Your kindred spirit and innate desire to empower others makes for a truly inspirational experience”
  • - Jerry Ryan, PAII Attendee
  • "We in the Bed & Breakfast / Innkeeping business can mistakenly minimize phone skills due to the prevalence of online booking. However, it's the person who takes the time to call that is often most interested in what the business has to offer. With a phone typically always within reach, Innkeepers can use The Telephone Doctor's tips to guide the conversation to 'close the deal' whether they're out in the garden, supermarket, or at their desk. Nancy's presentation was humorous with plenty of common sense (which isn't common enough) in the mix; our innkeepers and future innkeepers really enjoyed her session.”
  • - Kris Ullmer, Executive Director
    Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII)

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • “You were inspiring! I have already put some of the things you talked about to practice. It worked! I calmed an angry client right down and he was calling me sweetie by the end of the conversation…You do a great Job!!!!”
  • – C. N – NINAWC Attendee
  • “The NINAWC audience did not want Nancy’s session to end!”
  • – Shelly Rector, WIC Deputy Director Choctaw Nation Health Services
  • “Nancy is an inspirational, motivational and captivating woman. As she shares her wealth of knowledge, her enthusiasm overflows to the audience making the learning experience interactive and engaging. In 15 years of attending conferences, I have never experienced a speaker with such passion and drive to helping create great customer service! ”
  • – NINAWC Attendee WIC Conference
  • “HI Nancy! Everyone was raving about you! They loved your presentation and wanted more. You really should have been one of the Keynote speakers”
  • – Marsha Canning, Cobb Douglas WIC
  • “As a conference coordinator, we are always looking for the best match between content, speaker and audience. Nancy’s presentations have been so well received and her tips are spot-on. We are repeat customers – we have had Nancy at multiple conferences and get great feedback from attendees.”
  • – Susan Shaffette President, Team Dynamics. WIC conferences

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Thank you for two wonderful presentations at NTA. I found them to be some of the most beneficial of the week ”
  • - Brady S. Nat’l Tour Assn

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Nancy is spot on with her program in being "best in class". Her humor, delivery and experience allowed our team to understand what customer service really means. I would recommend Nancy to anyone in business.”
  • "Nancy, You did an unbelievable job and really had an impact on the whole company! Cheers and hope to see you again: ”
  • - Colin B, Benetrends
  • "The programs you delivered were not only necessary, but also extremely informative, engaging and eye-opening. I look forward to utilizing the material to continue shaping healthy communication habits within our organization. ”
  • - Sabrina D., Sales Trainer, Benetrends

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "The only way to describe Nancy Friedman’s program is: “Fantastic.” She actively engages her audience with an interactive, humorous presentation. Her programs are insightful, witty, fun and impactful.”
  • - Dana Nelson, RVDA SHOW, Publisher RV News Magazine

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "As always, you did an amazing job!"
  • - Cathy Roth-Johnson, CAI/Heartland Chapter Exec. Dir. 2017

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Nancy has presented twice at NSSF at the SHOT Show University and both times hit a home run. She will be back!"
  • - Patrick Shay, Dir of Retail Devel
  • "I had the chance to see Nancy for the first time at Shot Show. Nancy was an amazing speaker having the ability to motivate, entertain you while staying on topic. job well done..... I look forward to future seminars, news letters and post's."
  • - Kurt Newman, Police Officer
  • "I have to agree with Kurt. Nancy knows her stuff when it comes to training everyone in the organization to handle phone calls professionally. It may not seem to be that important until you attend her trainings. Our organization has used her services and hosted training sessions for thousands of retailers - outstanding results. Thanks Nancy."
  • - B. Donaldson, Vice President, Digital) Communications at BrandSource
  • "Nancy, Your presentation was fantastic – a great message delivered with entertaining excellence!"
  • - Kevin C; The RANGE.

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Nancy is a fun, fast paced speaker with terrific ideas about how to make the very most of your customer service and retention programs."
  • - Madelyn Flannegan IIABA VP Education/Research

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Nancy did an amazing job as Keynote Speaker at our Annual Business Meeting! She WOW'd our Franchisees with her powerful strategies for maximizing every guest experience. A wonderful addition to our conference!"
  • - Lauriena Borstein Sr VP of Operations, Rita’s Italian Ice
  • "You are an amazing speaker!. We learned so much information to bring back to our stores. Thank you so so so much for coming to our conference!"
  • - Rita’s Italian Ice Franchisee
  • "Nancy, I really enjoyed you at our general session and breakout! You have such a contagious positive energy about you that I just loved!"
  • - Laura Cummings: RITA’S ICE, Franchisee
  • "Nancy embraces the audience and makes a difference in every one’s life!!"
  • - Craig Lerch, Jr. Rita’s Ice Franchisee Co-Owner : 6 locations

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "You were great, Nancy. Loved having you as our FBA keynote! So many businesses need your GOLDEN NUGGETS "
  • - Paul Segreto, FBA President
  • "Nancy's session at Orlando FBA meeting was spot on. The points made will allow brokers and Franchisors to work closer in closing the gap on communication leading to more happy franchisees launching a business."
  • - Paul C. Wolbert Chief Operating Officer WT Cafe
  • "Every word Nancy shared at Franchise Business convention, was filled with knowledge and valuable information. We left with our minds filled with tools to enhance our business and catapult our success. Only wish we had extra time to continue learning even more! Cannot wait to attend another Telephone Doctor session! "
  • - Chelsie Charnet, American Prosperity Group. Director of Franchise Development
  • "Nancy's keynote at FBA Conference provided so much useful information I left with 2 pages of notes...and laughed a lot along the way. Great program and great value!! The material in her keynote speech was referenced a lot in the other programs that followed because it is so relevant to what we do. Nancy is truly a class act."
  • - Adrienne Leigh, Murphy Business Financial Corp
  • "FBA gave her a standing ovation -She deserved it! It was a WOW!" Nancy's presentation was an interactive, comedy exchange filled with golden nuggets of learning."
  • - Mike Chiodo Franchise Broker Franchise Broker Association
  • "Your speaking at the FBA conference was inspiring. I look forward to utilizing your techniques"
  • - Jonathan Pace On Pace Franchising, Franchise Consultant
  • "Nancy, thank you for re-awakening the values of the simple topic of customer service by (literally) reaching in to your bag of gold nuggets in your recent presentation to the FBA. Your amusing, energetic, and engaging approach to this subject sparked my unconscious complacency to get going again and work with my team to make customer service our key performance area in the next year. Your entertaining approach packaged with some basic eye-opening concepts is a winning formula, as demonstrated by the crowd of standing ovations."
  • - Stu Nelson, Founder, Bare Bones Workwear
  • "Nancy, your Telephone Doctor session at the FBA conference was the most entertaining, engaging, and dead on customer experience discussion ever. Not your father’s Buick for sure. Big fan Nancy. Big fan."
  • - Chris Cullen, Franchise Broker
  • "The only way it could have been better is if there was more from you! It was great Nancy!"
  • - Jonathan Anderson, Franchise/Dwyer Group
  • "Nancy, you are the Best, Most Entertaining Speaker I can remember ever hearing. You do a great job on a key subject matter. Thank You."
  • - Dale Shepard Franchise Business Broker, FBA conference
  • "Thanks Nancy! Your presentation was very lively….awesome."
  • -John Z. Franchise Broker, FBA Conference.

Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "You blew everyone away with your presentation. You give such meaningful real life information that makes business owners realize the meaning of customer service and a structure that they need to implement into their businesses. Thank you."
  • - Ron Frydrychowsky, Chief operating Officer Moran
  • "Having you as our keynote speaker was the best decision we could have made for our convention. Your approach to customer service, communications and exceeding customer expectations through exceptional customer service inspired our franchisees. Your presentation resonated so much with our franchisees: A few comments; "
    • Thank you for having Nancy speak with us. She brought us valuable information!"
    • "Love It!"
    • "Great presentation
    • "Thank you for sharing the positivity."
    • "Love Nancy!"

    Thank you for setting the tone for our convention! Your presentation helped to create and engaging, inspiring and energetic convention for all of us.

  • - Barbara Moran-Goodrich, CEO, Founder, Moran Family of Brands.
  • "We had the pleasure of Nancy Friedman be our keynote speaker at our Moran Family of Brands convention in San Antonio. What a great experience it was. Nancy gets into so much relevant information and does it in a fun and entertaining way. Our franchisees loved her!!! When she did her educational session the next day I think everybody showed up for it since they enjoyed her keynote presentation so much the day before.
    I highly recommend Nancy Friedman as a speaker, she is absolutely terrific. "
  • - Pete Baldine, President, Moran Family of Brands

Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "Was lucky enough to get to hear The Telephone Doctor Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker at our Jackson Hewitt convention. She is AWESOME! If you want to improve customer service and phone skills......CALL HER! !"
  • - Y Rupp, Jackson Hewitt Tax COO
  • "Nancy! You are an absolute talent! Great impact on the team around client experience. Talk to you soon."
  • - Jim Copeland, SVP, Corporate Retail Operations
  • "Nancy was a speaker at our recent annual convention and delivered a relevant, common-sense approach on how to “think” about and “deliver” great customer service. Nancy is fun, engaging, and on the right track. This was the 2nd time she spoke at one of our events and our folks loved her and her message!"
  • - Shara Abrams, SVP Operations Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • "You were amazing! Your lifetime Customer Service contributions to American Businesses cannot be measured."
  • - Ken Fearnow, Brightstar Franchisee
  • "Attended a fantastic presentation by Nancy Friedman, customer service keynote speaker yesterday. Engaging, entertaining and most importantly highly useful. Highly recommended!"
  • - Erik Shank Brightstar Franchisee
  • "Nancy you were fantastic at Brightstar. Lots of new Telephone Doctor fans."
  • - Steve Schildwachter, Brightstar Care CMO
  • "I had a chance to attend a session by The Telephone Doctor, Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker this past weekend, and she was fantastic! Just what the doctor ordered. I'd recommend her highly."
  • - Pete Spillum BrightStar Care
  • "I want to let you know I found your presentation at our BrightStar conference to be entertaining, educational and doable. Thank you!"
  • - S. Zimmerman Brightstar Care Traverse City
  • "I had the privilege of hearing Nancy speak at our Annual BrightStar Care Conference held in Chicago last week. No one wanted her presentation to end. The standing ovation was more proof she nailed it. I highly recommend Nancy Friedman if you’re looking for a Keynote Speaker--you will not be disappointed! "
  • - Jean Overla Brightstar Franchisee.

  • You are amazing! Great IFA Show
  • - Jerrod Sessler, Pres./CEO HomeTask, Author of Food Chain)
  • Truly enjoyed your presentation – funny and impactful. Thanks again for the awesome job you did at IFA
  • -Matt Murphy , Pres. Ceo/ Griswold Home Care
  • Nancy, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and engagement with the audience at IFA. Your sincere and personal delivery of your message was truly inspirational! Thank you for your insights and I look forward to having you at one of our conventions!
  • -Stuart A. Williams, CFE TIDE/Agile
  • Your session was one of the best sessions I attended at the IFA conference. The material useful – and ‘common’ sense – and the energy and humor you had delivering it made the audience really pay attention and take note. The 7 traits you shared are simple and effective, and will be posted on my board in my office to serve as a constant reminder of what it takes for me to be a successful leader. Thank you!
  • -Stevie Kolakowski, Director, Franchise Policy and Strategy, Jack in the Box
  • Nancy Friedman’s session on The 7 Traits of a Successful Leader was informative, fun and very uplifting. She has a natural & engaging style with her audience, presents practical tips for everyone to apply to their careers & daily lives and she is just plain fun to be around. If you are looking for lessons from a life well lived and from someone who can hold your attention with great stories, I highly recommend Nancy as a guest for your next event!” Thank you, Nancy. You’re the best!
  • -Joe Genovese, Vice President, Franchise Development, Whole Foods
  • I give you the “Most Engaging Presenter” Award!
  • -Paul Tuennerman, CEO, Raising Canes
  • Saw Nancy at IFA. She was fantastic! Full of energy and useful tips and information to help one succeed further. She kept the crowd awake and laughing throughout the entire session and still managed to teach quite a few lessons.
    We look forward to hiring Nancy at our future events!
  • Shelley Meixell -Global DMC Partners, Washington, DC
  • I have come to the conclusion that public speakers either have it or they don’t, no in between. Nancy Friedman absolutely has it!
  • -Jeremy Campbell Sola Salon Studios
  • Nancy provides a great, no-nonsense insight into customer service and how to best service customers. She is enthusiastic, energized, engaging and will have you rolling with laughter. Best of all, Nancy finds a way of getting the key messages through to an audience in a unique manner which undoubtedly makes a difference to business performance.
  • -Danny Hanlon COO Granite Transformations
  • I had the pleasure of listening to Nancy at the 2015 IFA Convention She was empowering, as she is highly accomplished and she is also motivating and witty.
    A line she said has stuck with me, “We treat our wrong numbers better than most people treat their clients.” How many people can say that with conviction? I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and would recommend attending one of her events if possible.
  • -International E-Z Up, Inc
  • I saw Nancy speak at IFA. Nancy is an impactful and energetic speaker who can help individuals in career transition market themselves more effectively and help organizations of any size raise customer service to the next level.
  • -Captain Jim Carman, U.S. Navy (Retired) Director of the Transition Practice Military Officers Association of America

  • I like reading your stuff. So simple, but so important. Every time I come across some gum chewing customer service rep, I think, boy this company needs Nancy's help bad.
  • Pete Bauer, Attorney, Minuteman Press, Int’l
  • All my owners still have what I am calling, “The Nancy Buzz” Thank you for all you brought to our conference. YOU ROCK.
  • Jack Panzer – Area Manager Minuteman Press International Inc.
  • I thought your presentation at our meeting was AMAZING and it has truly changed the way I want to handle telephone sales.
  • Dan Haggerty, Minuteman Press Int’l
  • I’ve seen every conference in 14 years; Nancy’s program was the best ever.
  • -Minuteman Press Int.
  • Thank you Nancy for a most inspiring session at the Minuteman Expo. I learned a lot of valuable information. You are a lovely, positive and extremely funny person.
  • -Alison Jack-Ray, Minuteman Press Int. Owner
  • I loved your presentation and the style in which it was delivered!
  • -Mike Geygan, Owner at Minuteman Press-Lebanon, OH
  • Nancy was the opening Keynote Speaker of our recent franchisee convention. Her presentation was engaging, informative, entertaining and inspirational. I enjoyed every minute!
  • -Pete Bauer, Minuteman Press Council
  • Nancy: I absolutely loved your enthusiasm and the way you deliver such an important topic on customer service.
  • -Darwin Caswell Minuteman Press, Toronto CA
  • I have to say that your Keynote address was the best I have ever attended! I just loved it.
  • -Laurie Erickson, Exec. Asst. to Mike Jutt, MinutemanPress
  • Your keynote was fantastic. There was never a dull moment.
  • -Matt Peretez, Regional Rep. Minuteman Press.
  • Nancy, Your keynote presentation at the convention was fantastic. Lots of great information I know to be true. I also picked a few choice nuggets of wisdom that I intend to employ.
  • -Richard Hornberger, Minuteman Press owner Phil. Pa.
  • The way Nancy built an honest rapport with her audience of Minuteman Press franchise owners at the World Expo 2015 in Las Vegas was simply an art form in and of itself. I marveled at the way she was able to seamlessly deliver her message and keep her crowd engaged. Our owners took away valuable information that will help them grow their customer service-driven businesses.
  • -Brian Sisti, Minuteman Press International

Customer Service Keynote Speaker

  • A few nice comments from Nancy’s SYTA conference</br />
    Would love to have Ms. Friedman back as a speaker.
    Great speaker, got a lot out of class.
    A session on cold calling next time!
    Thank you, Nancy! You provide real world information in such a fun and engaging manner. Customer Service is a pleasure and we should treat it that way!
    Nancy gave wonderful tips I can apply right away.
    I loved that the speakers notes could be used in both business and personal lives. I would listen to her speak again!
    Love this session. 3rd time I have heard Nancy. Her information is extremely helpful. I bring it back to my office.
    Bring her back for more.
    Very funny and entertaining.
    She was absolutely wonderful. Would love to hear more about the cold calling.
    Very helpful.. Thank you ..
    Very energetic!
    I could sit & listen 2 Nancy all day!!!
    Loved Nancy! Would love to see her again!
    Would love to hear more on cold calling and using LinkedIn for prospecting.
    Very helpful.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm. Can you come speak at my company for free?
    Very engaging speaker. Learned some great tips and info. Would recommend Nancy to return.

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • Nancy, thank you! The Webinar went really well for our first one! Your enthusiasm and giveaways really kept the crowd engaged -- all through the Q & A "
  • -Truck Force Service

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • I would recommend Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor for any conference or webinar dealing with customer service. Her sincere and personal delivery is inspirational. Not only was the actual webinar “topshelf”, everything in the scheduling and planning of the event was painless. She has a first class team! I plan to recommend her to other organizations.
  • -Bonnie L. Cox, Office Manager, Cornerstone Credit Union League

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • "Nancy was engaging, interactive and a perfect start to get our conference off on the right foot. To quote one attendee, 'Nancy is a hoot!' "
  • -Jennifer F – ( CABBI Calif. Assn. Bed & Breakfast)

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • "Nancy did an amazing job with our team. She did her homework and delivered an incredible message. It was interactive and fun for the diverse team. I look forward to working with her again."
  • -Tom Bennett. President, Brandsource

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • "Your presentation this morning was fantastic! I've heard from several managers who plan to work with their hospital teams to implement your techniques for improving client service. Thank you for sharing your electrifying personality, energy and content with us."
  • -Jon C. VCA Hospital Administrator, Loomis CA
  • "I loved your VCA "Communication for Managers" talk! You are so funny and easy to listen to."
  • - Melanie G. VCA Webinar participant

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • "A major thumbs up. Nancy’s dynamic webinar presentation on the Golden Nuggets of Customer Service provided practical real world techniques to help our members capture more business.A major thumbs up. Nancy’s dynamic webinar presentation on the Golden Nuggets of Customer Service provided practical real world techniques to help our members capture more business."
  • -Cindy Sheridan, COO, PHCC Educational Foundation

Nancy Friedman Keynote Customer Service Speaker

  • "She has you at "hello"! Nancy's spark and enthusiasm immediately ignite the audience! From start to finish, it's a party with a purpose. Nancy's presentations are thorough, informative and relevant. I recommend her products for any company or individual looking to improve service skills and customer satisfaction. Learn while you laugh! "
  • -Marla Dunbar, Better Family Life, Workforce Development
  • "Nancy, is an energetic, hilarious and passionate presenter that is truly captivating! Her wealth of knowledge has helped me on both a business and, more importantly, on personal level. I recommend her training to everyone that is serious about customer service."
  • -Tyrone N. Turner, Better Family Life

Bremer Bank Logo

  • Nancy’s personality and presentation style can keep any room engaged and laughing - even with the dreaded 2:00 time slot.(After lunch) Her ability to send a strong message in a heartwarming and hilarious fashion will amaze any group.
  • -Karen Gajeski Mortgage Director – Bremer Bank

Real Estate One Logo

  • I've been coming to these Real Estate One conferences for 27 years - Nancy was the best speaker ever.
  • -Real Estate One conference - Michigan attendee
  • Nancy, You are a very engaging speaker (and humorous which holds the audience). My background is customer service as I was a VP at Neiman Marcus. Your stories touched my funny bone and business acumen. Thanks for speaking to us crazy Realtors.
  • -Barbara McClure Real Estate One, Michigan
  • "Our annual convention was attended by over 1,000 agents and employees of our organization and we were astounded that Nancy's two breakouts were standing room only with over 300 in attendance at each session. In fact, we've learned that there were registered attendees in the other breakouts who were into your session by others who were so impressed! Your energy, spirited presentation style and relative information was transportable for immediate results. Congratulations--we are a tough crowd and welcome to our quest for "ExCite"- ment! (Excellence, Caring, Integrity, Teamwork and Empowerment)"
  • -Bonnie Richter, Associate Broker GRI,ABR,CDPE,SFR,ACRE Vice President Broker Services - Director Real Estate One Academy Real Estate One Family of Companies

Novus Glass

  • Nancy captures the attention of an audience like few presenters I’ve ever heard presenting down to earth & functional results.
  • -Ted Andersen VP. NOVUS Franchising USA
  • By far the best of super sessions!!! I loved the programs. Simple and clear. Very real and applicable.
  • -Gerardo Alamos Miquel (Novus/Chille)
  • Nancy was amazing, fun, educational, creative, spontaneous, and full of life - I loved her presentation.
  • -Novus Franchisee

  • I recently had the opportunity to see Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor speak at our annual conference. I have to say she brought the energy and vibrancy with her. Her messages around choosing a positive attitude and then taking responsibility with every client really resonates with me.
  • -Robert. M. American Family Insurance
  • You are entertaining witty, and over all a Lady. You have it all.
  • -Felix Fix, New Orleans, La. American National Ins.
  • You presented a great Keynote program in Galveston and your breakout session was fun and informative.
  • -Bob Fruend, American National
  • A genuine “thank you” for the Keynote presentation and breakout sessions you did for our agents. I have received many compliments on your presentation and you personally! Your enthusiasm is catching. You certainly practice what you preach. You are the epitome of good customer service that is evidenced by you and your staff’s incredible follow up since the conference.
  • -Bill Ray, American National
  • I saw Nancy present a KEYNOTE session at our conference for American National and she is sensational
  • - American National Insurance

  • In the eight years I have been the executive director for CAI Heartland, I have never seen a better presentation or heard my members laugh so hard!
    Nancy.. was nothing short of speculator!
    Fun and entertaining and brought real life examples of excellent customer service strategies.
    Our members loved Nancy and we couldn't get enough of her and her golden nuggets of wisdom.
  • -Cathy Roth-Johnson Chapter Executive Director CAI Heartland Chapter
  • Nancy: The program was fantastic – As the program director, I pride myself on doing the best program every year and you have assured that again for me.
    I have had many people say it was awesome! Everybody walked away with something.
  • -Brett Shelton
  • I was at the CIA Meeting when Nancy spoke - - she did a fantastic job. Engaging, energetic and the material was insightful and applicable to our work She was one of the highest rated presented of the year. Looking for someone that has customer service expertise and can connect with the audience? Look at Nancy.!
  • -Andy Wiggins Owner CertaPro Painters of St. Charles County & Wildwood (MO)

  • Nancy Your presentation was a breath of fresh air. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed your wit, humor, enthusiasm and passion getting your message across. You truly are a jewel of a woman.
  • -Richard Rudnick President Aladdin Chem-Dry
  • Nancy, You were fantastic and just the kick in the butt I needed to make some important changes in my business.
  • – (Karen C; Chem Dry Conference)
  • Nancy, You were wonderful. We absolutely loved having you. We simply were enamored with you!!!
  • – Ed Quinlan CFE, VP Franchise Services Chem Dry
  • From the moment Nancy's program started, she captivated our entire 500-person audience at our annual franchising conference
  • Nancy engages her audience using humor, thought-provoking questions, and high energy animation. Nancy has a talent of keeping her audience amused and entertained while teaching them critical points
  • You have a remarkable skill of blending teaching with emotion so the takeaways are permanent. Our audience members were delighted.
  • You made an impact in a core part of our service business that matters to everyone's bottom line"

  • Your presentation was wonderful and truly accomplished the goals that we had discussed! Your messages gave the entire MGM team “golden nuggets” of wisdom to implement into their daily work life. The audience was engaged and shared rave reviews with me at the end of our education day!
  • -Thanks again!” Faye Bienstock, MGM Healthcare

  • Nancy knocked it out of the park. Every Golden Nugget discussed was identifiable, relatable and now curable with her tips & tricks. Nancy was captivating and truly expressed her knowledge of the topics.–I finished the session charged up, wanting more and ready to put my newly learned tips into positive action, phenomenal presentation.
  • -Chelsie Charnet, Dir of Franchise Devl. APG Franchise attendee

  • I absolutely loved your session! You were the BEST speaker of the weekend!!
  • -Karen Drager. John Deere/ SITE ONE Tempe AZ

  • Thank you Nancy – You are engaging, fun and inspirational.
  • -Amber Baker, Ex Dir John Deere/Site one Calif

  • Thursday’s highlight was the opening plenary on “Golden Nuggets of Communications,” by Nancy Friedman with Telephone Doctor Customer Service
  • - Wisconsin State Bar
  • A lady in the afternoon session stopped me to tell me you gave the best presentation she had heard in 30 years.
  • - (Carolyn Bennett – Wisconsin Bar/ Solo Firms)

  • Thank you for two superb sessions, a fantastic delivery and the tools to hold ourselves accountable. The programs were exactly what we were hoping for!
    Your humor and stories were wonderful, yet you left our 800 attendees with valuable information and a fresh perspective.
  • -Linda DeLuca, National Assistance League.

  • Nancy’s Keynote at our Women in Business meeting at Brandsource conference was a great program – Highly recommend this for any woman wanting to succeed in today’s business world.
  • -Kathleen Maloney, Controller
  • Nancy has spoken at our group several times and with each session she leaves our attendees asking for more! Nancy knows how to grab a crowds’ attention and keep it.
  • -Wendy Johnson Siggins, BrandSource
  • Nancy was a highlight at our new BrandSource Women in Business program. Like-minded, career driven women we were lucky to hear her wisdom and engage with her first hand. Hearing Nancy encourages our members to face their careers head on.
  • -Ariail Siggins Carr, BrandSouce

  • We attended Nancy’s session at 2015 IFA – “7 Traits of a Successful Leader”; We loved her message so much we booked Nancy for our 2015 Regis Franchise Convention in Minneapolis, to speak to our franchisees.
  • -Deb Porter REGIS CORP. Mpls. Mn. Director Franchise Services Salon

  • On our final evaluation survey, we ask attendees to identify the highlight of the conference. Nancy Friedman The Telephone Doctor was the unanimous winner. So, I thank you for making this year’s meeting truly our best ever!!
  • -ACOM President NOW ESPA (Janice Telstar, Phil. CVB)

  • “You gave one of the most valuable talks MDRT has ever presented!”
  • -Ray Kopcinski, Director of Management Services, MDRT

  • The most refreshing breakout session at IFA/2015 was Nancy Friedman’s 7 Traits of a Successful Leader. Nancy had the entire room in the palm of her hand sharing very practical and sincere advice. Her humor and movement around the room kept me engaged and wanting to hear more. It was great! She has a simple approach that delivers the “golden rule” to customer service and leadership traits.If you have the opportunity to attend a seminar/session with Nancy Friedman, don’t miss out! You will not be disappointed.”
  • -Pete Everett, Print Direction

  • Nancy’s presentation at the GMA Consumer Complaints Conference was one of the best I have ever seen!
  • -Kate Thompson DelGrosso Foods, Inc, Director of Food Safety & Quality

  • Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor’s program was time well spent. Nancy’s sense of humor and real world anecdotes brought the tips and skills she shared, to life. Her fresh perspective will give me and my team an opportunity to reevaluate our approach and improve our ability to connect with customers.
  • -Carol Bayer, Campaign Marketing Specialist – Sabre

  • In this increasingly impersonal age of Texts, Email, IM and Tweets, Nancy offers a refreshing reminder of the simple but important communication practices that positively influence customer perceptions of your business.
  • -Denny Slagle, President Volvo Trucks, NA (VOLVO UPTIME EVENT)

  • Your program at our 2014 National Business Conference was met with great accolades for both content and humor. Your approach hit home with everyone attending and created a huge buzz leading us into what I call our Season of Customer Experience Excellence……
    Your nuggets were the perfect start to a year of training on giving the perfect customer experience. I would highly recommend this program to everyone who deals with the public on a daily basis………..Thanks again for the service and the humor!
  • -Bob Harvey National Service Trainer Tire Pros

  • You were amazing! Thank you so much for making our show so engaging!
  • -Teddy Fine/Creative Director Philly Pretzel
  • Nancy presented the Keynote at our Annual Pretzel Expo this year after seeing her 2 times at IFA. Our franchise partner feedback was incredible. She specifically tailored her program to fit our expo theme and franchisee need.I cannot recommend Nancy enough and encourage any organization that has customers to have her deliver her powerful customer service programs to your team. You won’t be disappointed. I am happy and honored to call Nancy a friend!
  • - Chris Dowling, Philly Pretzel Factory, Philadelphia Pa

  • Nancy Friedman knocked ‘em dead at the International Franchise Association annual convention this year. Wonderful speaker!
  • -Mary Kay Liston, President 5 Star Painting (Dwyer Group)

  • Nancy, your session was a fabulous closing keynote for the ESPA Annual Conference! You certainly ended the meeting on such a high note and had the whole group energized and laughing, The ratings for your presentation were all very high so that is a great testament to the quality of your session.
  • -Lynn McCullough Executive Director ESPA, the Event Service Professionals Association

  • I knew Nancy was going to be a hit and the perfect choice to keynote the ICCFA Wide World of Sales Conference, even before she took the stage.
    Our members approached her, sharing stories of how her DVD training programs have helped them educate their staff on the fine art of communication.
    They were excited they were to learn from her in person.
    Nancy is energetic, engaging, intelligent, relevant, and utterly entertaining. She is definitely on my “We Need to Have Her Back” list!
  • -Kirsten Kase | Education & Programs Manager International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

  • Upbeat and on point Nancy delivered an outstanding message with remarkable narratives. Her expertise around the customer fit neatly with our Core Values and resonated throughout the audience. I highly recommend hearing her message.
  • -Mark Dawson, President Re-Bath, Home Group Brands
  • Nancy, Thank you so much. You are a very powerful presenter with a big message. Your stage presence is unmistakable. Wish I could see the stage actress.
  • -Kurt Kittleson, Founder RE-Bath Phoenix
  • You were definitely the highlight of the trip.
  • -Michael Kessler HR Re-Bath Utah

  • Once again I heard great things from your session. Thanks for making the date work.
  • – Michael Flink, President ADI Global
  • Another terrific set of sessions with the ADI team! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – including me.
  • -Rob Aarnes, President ADI North America

  • Nancy’s message and high energy captivated the audience; what a terrific presentation. All great comments about her program.
  • -Dennis Madden ATRA, CEO


  • I saw Nancy speak at IFA, and afterwards, went directly to her booth and booked her for our conference. She nailed it.
  • -David Eschbach, Christian Bros. Auto
  • Your session was something “new” to the IFA, new material and a new approach that I enjoyed and learned from it. The “word of mouth” after your session was very strong.
  • -Colette Hittinger, CFE Sr. Manager Franchise Operations Ben & Jerry’s Franchising Inc
  • Nancy was one of my top favorites at IFA 2014.
  • - Todd Leiser, CFE
  • Nancy’s IFA program, was the most engaging and dynamic presentation of the whole weekend.
  • - Susette Kubiak, Drapery Connection
  • I saw Nancy speak at the IFA a few month’s ago. She’s Awesome!!
  • - Tracy Arsenault, Pres. Biz Dev Fuel
  • As our Keynote speaker, Nancy was thoroughly engaging and provided invaluable information to our franchisees. Our franchisees have been able to use her “golden nuggets” to help grow their businesses.”
  • - Linda Shaub, CFE, CSA | Senior Vice President, Marketing
  • In all honesty you are one of the best I’ve ever seen.
  • -Mark Liston, Glass Doctor, Waco, Tx.
  • I was fortunate to see Nancy present at the 2014 IFA. WOW! Exceptional does not even begin to cover how magnificent her presentation was. Nancy is funny, engaging, insightful, helpful, and just downright phenomenal! Just being in Nancy’s session was worth the trip alone! Even my CEO/Global CFO was taking notes and smiling. Nancy is by far the best of the best.
  • -Genevieve Pedesclaux, Training Manager Cartridge World.
  • Nancy Friedman, is without a doubt an expert on how to treat people in business. Her experience, enthusiasm, knowledge and training, is a must have for any organization!
  • -John Marco Founder/COO Hand and Stone Franchise Corp.
  • Nancy Friedman, provided an invaluable webinar for our franchise system on the basics of outstanding customer service—something we all can pay more attention to! She provided basic insights from a different perspective and made it not only fun, but engaging!
    It made a difference to our community and I know it has impacted their behavior going forward. Nancy is a delight to work with either in person or virtually.
  • -Karen Powell/CRO FSBI/CEO Decor&You

  • As our Keynote speaker, Nancy was thoroughly engaging and provided invaluable information to our franchisees. We received positive comments and our franchisees have been able to use her “golden nuggets” to help grow their businesses.
  • -Linda Shaub, CFE, CSA | Senior Vice President, Marketing

  • Ever sit in a room waiting for a presentation with people who think they know the answer to everything; they’ve seen it all before and are looking bored before the presentation even starts? We all have. Then BAM!! In walks Nancy! She has them in the palm of her hand from the moment she takes the stage! Education at its best with humor, compassion and common sense at its heart!Everyone comes away from her keynotes and workshops with at least three new and immediately implementable ideas to improve their businesses. Want to make a difference in your customer service experience? Hire Nancy to show you how! Creatively engaging with a true sense of purpose – that’s Nancy Friedman!
  • -Jo Pierce-Event planner for CARSTAR Hired Nancy 2ce
  • Fantastic! Excellent! Best speaker we ever had.” This is what our Franchisee’s told us after our National Conference in 2010. The response has been so positive that we invited Nancy Friedman to please return and join us for a SECOND year at our 2011 conference in Seattle. The Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training program is “exactly” what our organization needed. Thank you Nancy!
  • -Carstar

  • Nancy, It’s obvious you “own” your message. Without superior customer service all the rest is pretty much irrelevant!
    My customer service skills jumped up a few levels with all of your pearls! Thank you for presenting at ATRA in VEGAS.
    Absolutely looking forward to your next visit!
  • - Blake Lunsford, Owner Nationwide Transmission

  • Amazing, inspirational and mind blowing. Could have listened to you for hours.
  • -Subway International

  • I hired Nancy as a speaker for CLIA’s cruise3 sixty conference in 2013. With 2,000 attendees and good personal and conference reputation, I am pretty skittish on potential conference programming that I cannot personally control 🙂 No worry here!
  • - (Bob S.) CLIA
  • Nancy was, and is, engaging, funny, clever and delivers a fantastic customer service message – perfect for our travel agent audience. A true “character”, Nancy is easy to work with and the standing ovation was great validation – thanks Nancy.
  • I knew you were good, but you exceeded my expectations. Plus, I learned some tips on phone and business courtesy:) see I returned an e-mail quickly.” Thank you.!

  • Whether you need a speaker for your franchise Conference or continued on-line or DVD training, the Telephone Doctor delivers. They provide a full spectrum of service offerings to help your business grow including offerings on customer service, telephone skills, as well as communication and management development. If your business or system needs help on any of these issues, call Nancy. We did. Indeed, Nancy was so well received at the American Leak Detection franchise conference where she spoke on customer service and phone skills that she was invited her to speak at the conference the very next year. Working with Nancy and the Telephone Doctor was a great decision and a wise investment.
  • - American Leak Detection

  • Nancy — I am writing to let you know that the feedback keeps coming in…that you were really terrific at last week’s Dish Network’s event. From our Dish clients to my Drury colleagues, the feedback’s been nothing but really positive…everyone loved your presentation. I cannot thank you enough for doing such a really great job – and – for being so great to work with too both on-stage & off. I know I speak for all of us in that we hope the next opportunity comes along quickly. Very quickly :–) Thanks again for a great gig.
  • -Director/Drury Entertainment Group

  • You are master at what you do and so many commented on your energy! A job very well done. Glad we invited you and glad you accepted.
  • -Faye Doucette, President FSAC,(Funeral Services Assn. of Canada
  • Nancy Friedman’s presentation was spectacular Participants can immediately act on the information they receive. Simply put, Nancy Friedman is an extraordinary keynote speaker.
  • -Laura Sharp, Sharpshooter PR

  • The information you presented was very practical and usable, and the delivery superb. I’m going to use what you taught to my staff. Thank you so much.
    You promised to make me look good, and you delivered!
    I couldn’t be more pleased.
  • -Ann McCormack, Bureau Chief Community Food and Nutrition Assistance

  • We had Nancy at our annual event to speak to our Manager and Regional Managers. she was a hit! Leading up to the date, Nancy and I talked on several occasions about the message and what I was looking for and she nailed it.The entire group could relate to her and she provided us with real takeaways that we are using today to increase our customer service and sales.
  • -Mark Williams, VP Sales Rent One

  • We had Nancy at our annual event to speak to our Manager and Regional Managers. she was a hit! Leading up to the date, Nancy and I talked on several occasions about the message and what I was looking for and she nailed it.The entire group could relate to her and she provided us with real takeaways that we are using today to increase our customer service and sales.
  • -Kimberley Cotter Transat Travel, Canada

  • -Speaker was the best of the weekend – session should have been twice as long!
    -Nancy is really funny.
    -Needed a bigger room and more chairs.
    -Really enjoyable and informative session.
    -Good quick tips for improving the customer experience.
    -Wow this one was great!
    -I loved the topic and speaker, everything about this session was wonderful. Nancy was engaging & entertaining and the topic was important to what I do on the daily basis.

  • I have been the Executive Director here for 23 years and Nancy was one of the best received keynote speakers ever!
  • - Missouri Association of Home Care

  • You truly are the most engaging speaker I have encountered. Your mastery of the art of rapport building and the content of your presentations are tremendous. From the time my group attended your first session their attitudes were changed and remain positive still today. We even skipped two other presentations at another venue to attend your second session.
  • -SEMA

  • Please have Mrs. Friedman back again. She was a very dynamic speaker with a lot of great ideas.
  • - Goodyear Tire Annual Conference

  • Nancy was one of the keynote speakers at the 2011 Luxury Travel Conference in Las Vegas. She is funny, witty and knowledgeable. I only wish I could have had a few more hours with her. I look forward to hearing her speak at future conferences.
  • - Luxury Travel Expo

  • I can’t tell you the last time that I enjoyed sitting in a conference room that much! I couldn’t take notes fast enough. The great ideas were just flying out! Nancy engages the attendees seamlessly throughout her session and had everyone paying attention and wanting more. It was an absolute joy to watch and listen to someone who so thoroughly enjoys what they do and is completely passionate about it She brought the WOW factor to the state association meeting.
  • - AASP

  • We have had Nancy speak at our annual conference several times and the presentations are without a doubt the most engaging and informative from start to finish! Nancy is high energy and filled with knowledge EVERY organization needs.
  • - National Portable Storage Association

  • Nancy Friedman is one of the true treasures in the training industry, and her ability to share techniques with humor and real life examples makes any chance to hear Nancy present an absolutely fantastic experience. Her expertise in communications skills coupled with her presentation abilities.
  • - Chris Osborne, VP Marketing Biz Library

  • Nancy’s expertise can move the needle for any company. Her ideas, delivery and genius drive ‘MEASURABLE SUCCESS.’ She has the Midas touch with a Hollywood delivery.
  • - Cottman Transmission

  • As a 2-time speaker at our SALES BOOT CAMP, Nancy’s program really rang the bell with our audience. Her from-the-heart message was so in tune with the entire conference.
  • - Tom Hopkins