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Keynote customer service speaker

Customer Service Training Customer Service Training Customer Service Training Customer Service Training Customer Service Training
Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker
customer service keynote speaker

Brilliant Common Sense Sales and Customer Service Techniques

Helping You Increase Sales and Improve Customer Service

As a Communications & Customer Service Expert, Nancy helps you improve Customer service skills on the phone or face to face. A popular Customer Service Keynote Speaker, you can depend on Nancy to deliver quality material, a first class keynote presentation, and help your Customer Service ROI.

Nancy Can Help!

Customer Service Training
Customer Service Training
“More business is lost due to poor customer service & poor application of basic customer service skills than poor product”. Bring Nancy Friedman to your company to conduct a customer service skills training workshop. Improve the customer service skills of your entire team with simple, easy-to-implement behaviors with a Nancy customer service skills training workshop. Effective, easy, fun and most of all, ‘relevant’."
"You were amazing! Your lifetime Customer Service contributions to American Businesses cannot be measured."
- Ken Fearnow, Brightstar Franchisee
Communication training
Communication Training & Sales Training
Effective communications ensures everyone has a shared vision, clarity of purpose, and are engaged in the mission of the organization. Communications skills facilitate effective teamwork, management and leadership. Nancy's communications & sales training workshop delivers outstanding results where everyone has fun and learns at the same time.
"Nancy, You were fantastic and just the kick in the butt I needed to make some important changes in my business."
– (Karen C; Chem Dry Conference)
Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker
Nancy Friedman is a one-of-a-kind-Keynote speaker, engaging audiences with humor, anecdotes and powerful, relevant lessons on the true meaning of customer service. Both on the phone and in person. Techniques only Telephone Doctor delivers. If you want a Keynote Customer Service speaker who delivers relevant information and take-a-ways your audience will have immediately and use forever, bring Nancy to your next event.
"I’ve seen every conference in 14 years; Nancy’s program was the best ever."
- Minuteman Press Int.
telephone Skills
Telephone Skills
Most of your interaction with BOTH clients and prospective clients occurs over the phone. So it makes sense that organizations whose employees have superior telephone skills are the most successful. Nancy Friedman is the world famous "Telephone Doctor" for a reason. She is the foremost authority on how to deliver first-class service to every single person that calls your organization.
"I've been coming to these Real Estate One conferences for 27 years - Nancy was the best speaker ever."
-Real Estate One conference - Michigan attendee

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