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Customer Service Training Customer Service Training Customer Service Training Customer Service Training Customer Service Training
Nancy Friedman Customer Service Keynote Speaker

Brilliant Common Sense Techniques

Helping You Sell More and Service Better

Nancy presents a broad array of keynote programs that help companies equip their people with tools to convert more inbound leads into sales,
and deliver a better customer experience.
Customer Service Training
Customer Service Training
Every organization can gain customers and retain business with improved customer service skills. Improve the customer service skills of your entire team with simple, easy-to-implement behaviors by bringing Nancy Friedman to conduct a customer service skills training workshop for your team. Bring Nancy Friedman for a customer service skills program for your team. Effective, easy, fun and most of all ‘relevant’
Communication training
Communication Training
Effective communications ensure everyone has a shared vision, clarity of purpose, and are engaged in the mission of the organization. Communications skills facilitate effective teamwork, management and leadership. Nancy's communications training workshop delivers outstanding results where everyone has fun and learns at the same time.
Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker
Nancy is a one-of-a-kind-speaker who engages audiences with humor, anecdotes and powerful, relevant lessons on the true meaning of customer service. Both on the phone and in person. Techniques only Telephone Doctor delivers. If you want a speaker who delivers relevant information and take-a-ways your audience will have immediately and use forever, bring Nancy to your next event.
telephone Skills
Telephone Skills
Most of your interaction with BOTH clients and prospective clients occurs over the phone. So it makes sense that organizations whose employees have superior telephone skills are the most successful. Nancy Friedman is the world famous "Telephone Doctor" for a reason. She is the foremost authority on how to deliver first-class service to every single person that calls your organization.
  • FACT: Customer service skills promote success on just about every level of organizations today.
  • FACT: More business is lost due to poor service and poor treatment than poor product. (Nancy Friedman)
  • Since consumers and prospective customers have immediate access to information at their fingertips, it is more difficult than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Except in one very important way - how your customers are treated. Great customer service skills throughout your organization can lead to more loyal and more engaged customers, and those types of customers like to tell their friends about you! Here’s how YOU can make that happen:
    • Have Nancy Friedman help your organization improve customer service, communication and customer retention skills.
    • Her engaging, entertaining and humorous Laugh out loud keynote programs and powerful and provocative training workshops are in constant demand.
    • Don't let your competitors beat you at service and customer loyalty when the skills your employees need can be learned so easily from Nancy!

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